How does the Affordable Bus Pass (ABP) program work?

How does the Affordable Access for Recreation & Culture work?

Subsidy Program Application

Application Process

The program runs on a calendar year (January to December). New applicants may apply at any time for the recreation and transit assistance program. Keep in mind your application funds will end on Dec 31st of the calendar year. If any credits are unused, they cannot be transferred to the following year.

You may begin reapplying for the upcoming year as early as November 1st.

Please note: There is a limited number of Transit passes and Recreation credits available. They are issued on a first come, first served basis.

To Submit Your Application:

Submit completed application by either:
a) Emailing:
b) Faxing: 807-625-9427
c) Dropping off in person to LSPC:125 Syndicate Ave S, Unit 38, Victoriaville Centre Thunder Bay, ON, P7E 6H8
d) Please call 807-624-1726 for more information.