What is the Living Wage?

The living wage is a locally calculated, peer-reviewed hourly rate of pay at which individuals and families can live. It is not the same as minimum wage, which is mandated provincially. It is a wage that employers pay voluntarily because it is not only beneficial to both employers and employees, but the entire community.

Featured Living Wage Employer

Every other month a new business or organization will be featured. To have your business featured call 624-1725 to find out more about the Thunder Bay Living Wage Campaign!

Independent Living Resource Centre

As a local nonprofit organization, we have been advancing the principles of the Independent Living (IL) Philosophy, emphasizing choices, flexibility, and empowerment for individuals with disabilities in our region for over 35 years. This mission is best realized through collective community advocacy and collaboration.

Our organization develops and implements innovative programs aimed at enhancing self-directed skill development, employment prospects, and recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. By fostering inclusivity and accessibility, we strive to create a more diverse and welcoming community.

Through strategic partnerships, we aim to amplify the voices and expand the participation of individuals with disabilities in our region. Our focus is on providing direct pathways to skill development and employment opportunities for those seeking greater independence. Thanks to funding partnerships, the majority of our services are offered free of charge to eligible participants.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ILRCThunderBay

ILRC Website - http://ilrctbay.ca/


Community Benefits

  •  Increased spending in our local economy
  • Increased civic participation
  • Reduced income inequality and poverty

Employee Benefits

  • Fair pay for work
  • Raised out of poverty
  • Social inclusion
  • Better health
  • Possibilities for further education

Employer Benefits

  • Reduced absences and turnover rates
  • Lower training costs - higher employee loyalty
  • Higher employee morale and performances
  • Recognition as an ethical employer

Become a Thunder Bay Living Wage Employer

Would you like to join the growing list of Thunder Bay Living Wage Employers?

If your business or organization pays all full-time permanent employees at least $19.80 per hour you can join the Thunder Bay Living Wage Campaign.

Call (807) 624-1725 for more information.

Thunder Bay Living Wage Employers

  • Lakehead Social Planning Council
  • Itec 2000
  • Independent Resource Learning Centre
  • Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic
  • Nalu
  • Roots to Harvest
  • Telstar Motel
  • Wequedong Lodge