What is the Living Wage?

The living wage is a locally calculated, peer-reviewed hourly rate of pay at which individuals and families can live. It is not the same as minimum wage, which is mandated provincially. It is a wage that employers pay voluntarily because it is not only beneficial to both employers and employees, but the entire community.

Featured Living Wage Employer

Every other month a new business or organization will be featured. To have your business featured call 624-1725 to find out more about the Thunder Bay Living Wage Campaign!


Community Benefits

  •  Increased spending in our local economy
  • Increased civic participation
  • Reduced income inequality and poverty

Employee Benefits

  • Fair pay for work
  • Raised out of poverty
  • Social inclusion
  • Better health
  • Possibilities for further education

Employer Benefits

  • Reduced absences and turnover rates
  • Lower training costs - higher employee loyalty
  • Higher employee morale and performances
  • Recognition as an ethical employer

Become a Thunder Bay Living Wage Employer

Would you like to join the growing list of Thunder Bay Living Wage Employers?

If your business or organization pays all full-time permanent employees at least $19.80 per hour you can join the Thunder Bay Living Wage Campaign.

Call (807) 624-1725 for more information.

Thunder Bay Living Wage Employers

  • Lakehead Social Planning Council
  • Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic
  • Wequedong Lodge
  • Nalu
  • Itec 2000
  • Roots to Harvest
  • Telstar Motel