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Basic Income Guarantee

A Basic Income Guarantee ensures everyone an income sufficient to meet basic needs and live with dignity, regardless of work status.

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$15 and Fairness

A $15 minimum wage is a central part of lifting workers out of poverty, but there are many other changes that need to be made to push back against low-wage and precarious work. Workers need hours that they can live on, paid sick days so they can afford to get well, better protections from reprisals, easier access to unionization, and laws that protect everyone and that are proactively enforced.

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Living Wage Campaign

The living wage is a locally calculated, hourly wage that reflects the cost for employees to meet their basic needs. The calculation is provided by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Ontario Office). It is not the same as the provincially mandated minimum wage, which is currently set at $11.40 an hour. This rate of pay is not enough to support individuals and families in making ends meet.

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Poverty Reduction Strategy

The Poverty Reduction Strategy was formulated to develop community-specific recommendations for immediate, medium, and long-term community poverty reduction. Since its inception in 2013, the Poverty Reduction Strategy committee has worked diligently to ensure that the goals and recommendations of the Strategy are being met.
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Graffiti Guard

Dial 2-1-1 to report graffiti in Thunder Bay. The City of Thunder Bay has adopted a Graffiti Management By-law to reduce the amount of graffiti found in the community. The Graffiti Guard initiative encourages everyone to prevent, report and remove graffiti in Thunder Bay.

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