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Point In Time Count – Volunteer Registration

Homelessness has become an issue that many individuals and families in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area face. Many of the local homeless people in the community are couch-surfing or staying with different family members and friends, never knowing where they will stay at night. Others find shelter outside in the cold, while more sleep in emergency shelters for days, weeks and even months in some cases. In 2016, the Thunder Bay Point in Time Count reported that 289 individuals were homeless and 138 of them were couch-surfing.

Volunteers are an important part of the success of the Point in Time Count and Registry Week. The PIT Count is a statistically reliable, unduplicated count of people experiencing homelessness during a designated one-night period. A Registry Week is a coordinated outreach and triage assessment process to develop actionable data on every person experiencing homelessness. The Lakehead Social Planning Council is working to recruit volunteers to assist with the count. In Thunder Bay, the PiT Count will take place Saturday, April 21 at 6pm and end on Sunday, April 22 at 6pm. The Registry Week will begin Saturday, April 21 at 6 pm and run until Friday, April 27 at 6pm.

Volunteers will greet people, conduct surveys and ensure that we are able to reach as many homeless individuals and families as possible. If you would like to assist in this important community effort, please join our team!

For more information, please contact the Point in Time Count/Registry Week Volunteer Coordinator at nangus@lspc.ca.