Phones for Families

For many years, people have been using the telephone to talk to one another, and most people now consider that having a telephone is part of everyday life. However, not everyone can afford a phone, leaving many families not able to contact emergency services, community programs and even their child's school. Not having a telephone also presents difficulties getting in touch with community, social, health and related government services.

What is Phones for Families?

Phones for Families is a pilot project that provides free telephone service to qualified families with children attending schools in Thunder Bay.

The goal of the project is to connect eligible families who have children in Thunder Bay schools with telephones in homes where no wired or cellular services exist.

Why does my family need a telephone?

Having a telephone not only allows you to have open communication with your child’s school, it also helps to connect you to all programs and  services in Thunder Bay, including 911 emergency services and 211 non-emergency services.

How will this project benefit my family?

It will:

Registration Process for new applicants

1. Contact your child’s school to have an application form sent home with your child

2. Complete the application form

3. Return the application to your child’s school
Please Note:
Telephone Services Provided:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any service fees? ·No, there is no cost to you for the telephone service if you qualify

Will I be able to call 411? ·No, you will not be able to use 411 or 900 numbers

Can I get Caller ID or other features? ·No, only the basic telephone service is provided

Can I call long distance or accept collect calls? ·No, long distance and collect calls are blocked

Will I be able to get access to the internet? ·No, internet services are not available through this project

How long will I receive Free service? ·You will be provided Free service until there is no longer project funding.

I am moving, can I still apply? ·Yes, but you must inform the Lakehead Social Planning Council by calling the 211 line Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm

Phones for Families is a partnership project of the following:

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